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"Mike teenage having his first sexual experiences-It started out as Babysitting"

A mature man returns to playing field and finds his partner.

A glimpse through the eyes of a woman that doesn't live by everyone's expectations. What's wrong with asking for more sex than once a month? The marvelous misadventures of Katie Barlow and her new plaything.

A woman seeking an old house with solitude so she can focus on her writing encounters neighbors she can't ignore. An interracial ghost story.

A class has pet show and tell day that goes awry.

A bored mom has sex with her sons friends, she when starts to enjoy sex again

Sometimes getting lost can work out really well

A german family discovers a new level of love amongst each other.

This is a rewrite of a previous story, long since taken down. Her mother was deathly ill, on the edge of life and death. She was worried about her husband and asked their daughter to seduce him for her.

David, now shifts his focus on coercing his sweet but sexy Mom, Kendra, to become his sex slave in a similar manner to what he did to his Sister Kayleigh.